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It’s almost that time again! Did you hear me “IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME AGAINNNNN!”

Can you tell I am so excited? This is my favorite time of year. If you haven’t been to a fair you must go. I think that all fairs have great food. One of my favorite shows is Carnival eats with Noah. I absolutely love that show because it shows all the fun and creative foods that people come up with.

I can’t speak for all county fairs but the San Diego County Fair has AWESOME FOOD! 

You know what I love? I love that they get creative. Have you ever been in the shower or on the way to work and then come up with what you feel is a fantastic idea. I think pregnant women do it best. When I was pregnant with my son, my favorite snack was Pineapples and peanut butter.

Think about it Fried pineapples with a side of peanut butter/nutella dip. OMG! See what I just did there. Oh yes! I think I should open a carnival food stand. Yup!! I think I Just created a winner.

The feeling of just coming up with this awesome creation and then the whole county fair LOVING has got to be great. I will tell you some of my faves. Stay tuned too. I will tell you all about the new ones for 2018 San Diego County Fair. I can’t wait to find out myself.

Traditional County Fair food

1. Turkey Legs..yes but…wrapped in bacon!

You guys know that I am “lover of all things bacon!” But a turkey leg wrapped in bacon is life! 

I can never finish it. Thankfully my children love it, so I get to share. But they are so good. They are big and they are grilled, seasoned well, and tender. If only I could get the same great taste and tenderness in the oven then I would make these at home often.

2. The Roasted Corn

Listen, have you ever heard of Elotes. It’s a great Mexican corn dish. So the corn on the cob is roasted. It’s given to you on a stick usually but sometimes in a cup. Then the magic happens. You can layer it with mayo, paprika, Cotija cheese, Tajin (if you would like). With these toppings you are sure to have a party in your mouth.

3. Corn dogs

Now, my husband loves the traditional corn dog. He loves to put this ketchup and mustard on it and boom he’s done. Myself, on the other hand, I love the polish dog corn dog. I love polish dogs period but as a con dog? Who can ask for more. I tend to do the ketchup and mustard but I prefer the deli mustard. It adds some spice. Oh I can taste it right now.

Let’s get fancy!

First let’s talk about Donuts. My favorite donut is a good maple donut. I love them. I love the traditional maple donuts and I love maple bars.

But, YOU GUYS! When this fair comes around I have to save some room in my tiny little belly (that I wish the Doctors could give back the part they took out so I could fit more food in around this time). It’s for this Giant traditional maple donut with BACON pieces on top. maple donut with bacon

I just melted! I just fainted! I don’t know how my fingers are still typing. A maple bacon donut is enough, but a Giant one is even better!

This donut is to die for! It’s heaven in a circle. This is probably the one thing at the fair that I have a hard time sharing. As soon as I hear “Mommy, Can I…?” I have to say a prayer. Because I know I am about to have to tear off a piece of this yummy goodness and hand it over and watch it slowly disappear. *insert sad face WITH the tears here* A BIG SAD FACE. LOL

Oh you thought that was fancy

How about my husbands favorite…

Gouda stuffed mushrooms wrapped in bacon

mouth watering stuffed mushrooms

Unfortunately for us, the location to find this place is on the way to the kids play area. So you know what that means. On the way INTO the kids area we have to stop and get these. On the way OUT we have to stop and get these.

We found these mushrooms when I was pregnant with my son. I hated them. I couldn’t understand why anyone would like these But he oohed and aahed the whole time he ate them. Then the next year when we went back I tried them again and I thought these things were so delightful. They were the most mouth watering stuffed mushrooms ever! Oh my they were tasty.

What month is this? April. Oh man I need the fair to hurry up. Is it possible to skip May? Is that a thing?

Fancy x3

The Triple Decker Krispy Kreme Donut burger

This burger has 3 hamburger patties in between two Krispy Kreme donuts. 

Now let me be honest. The first time we tried this I was so upset. The burger was cold, dry, and the donut wasn’t soft like a regular Krispy Kreme donut. I was so hurt. Why would you serve this like this? We couldn’t even finish it. At first I thought his may be too many patties for this. I would have been okay with two.

BUT THEN. The next time we went my sister came with us and she just HAD to have one. Even after we told her it wasn’t a good idea. But she didn’t care she wanted to try it and she wanted to have it TODAY!

We get her this burger and as soon as it came out it looked like heaven. It was warm, the cheese was melted a little, the donut was so soft. *sigh* I felt like an idiot having to ask to try it but I didn’t to purchase it and then get what I had the first time or be disappointed that it doesn’t look like hers.

After much teasing, She let me try it. I almost ran off with her plate. I wanted to run and hide under a carousel or in the house of mirrors and eat the whole burger BY MYSELF. The sweetness from the donut and the burgers juices went together like peanut butter and jelly. WOO WEE! A must try!!


Just part one for you! I hope you come back and read all about the other great foods at the fair. The fair is a great place to just experience great food. The things that people think of but don’t know how to make.

I feel like that’s all the carnival food vendors do all day. I feel like they just perfect their craft. I think they just think of something great and they spend he rest of the time making their creation come to life.

That’s why I love to try the new foods. So great! So Awesome. Maybe one day I will become a vendor. I would love to make great tasting ideas come to life for people.

Just FYI the San Diego County Fair dates this year will be June 1st to July 4. Be there or be square!

What are your favorite carnival foods? Leave a comment and let me know what is a must have for you when your county fair comes around.

Until next time…






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