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Oh my I didn’t know how I was going to feel about this crock pot. But I knew I had to have it. It’s awesome. I love to have dinner parties and this thing is perfect for that. It may not be sufficient for large gatherings but if you are just having game night or Super Bowl, This is the best thing ever.

It’s a 3 Server crock pot. Why is that awesome? Because you can make 3 different things all at once. Here’s what I did. I had a small gathering of about 8 people. We enjoyed a game night. So fun! Well of course on game night you need to have some appetizers. I will tell you all about those in just a bit. I want to first tell you more about this great crock pot.

After my review of this product for you, keep reading to get some of my favorite and easy party appetizer recipes. You’ll love them. I couldn’t leave that out. I had to give you some ideas on how to use this crock pot, right?

Crock Pot SCCPTOWER-S Swing and Serve

OK, this Crock Pot has 3 separate pots. 

dimensions 13.5 x 17.8 x 14.5

weight is 16.8

Its made by the company Crackpot.

This one is stainless steel, it does also come in black.

So, all in all, it has 2 smaller pots and one larger. Its great for small parties.


This 3 server Crock pot is so neat

As I said earlier, I used this for a small get together we had. I was able to make my yummy Crock pot mac n cheese. I made this in the larger of the three pots. In the smaller pots I made some yummy spicy grape jelly meatballs and a delicious dip in the other.

Now wait I know you’re probably thinking “spicy grape jelly meatballs?” I know you are but oh man are they super yummy. These are easy crock pot meatballs, that will have you going back for 10ths. I love spicy food so just the grape jelly and chili sauce wasn’t enough, great tasting, but I needed more so I just added a little spice.

This crock pot made this so easy and simple. I was able to do all three and just move on to other things I was making. I loved not having to do it all separately. This saved me time and saved my party. The worst part of having to host a party is when you still have things to cook or clean when the guest arrives. No one is happy about that. Unless if this party wasn’t your idea or if you didn’t want to have the party to begin with. If that’s the case this crock pot is NOT for you, lol. You’ll probably want to stay busy.


Just going to set this right here for you.

Once you get your Swing and serve Crock Pot, I want you to try these recipes. The best crock pot macaroni and cheese you may ever try is the first one. You may have to adjust the measurements a little due to the size but either way it will be tasty.

The spicy grape jelly crock pot meatballs. This is so simple I am not going to write this out as a normal recipe. Just get a bag of meat balls, one large jar or bottle of grape jelly, and a bottle of chili sauce. I like to use Welch’s grape jelly and Heinz Chili sauce. 1 1/2-2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper.

Mix the jelly, chili sauce and cayenne together in a separate bowl. Fill one of the small servers with the meatballs and then add the jelly mix. You’re done! I would cook on low for about 1 1/2- 2 hours. Check to make sure they are tender.

For the dip it’s an easy crock pot spinach artichoke dip.

Easy crock pot dip

easy crockpot dip


There are a lot of dips out there and I have a few favorites. I will definitely tell you all about them one day. This is one of the best spinach artichoke dips I have found. We love it. Here’s what you’ll need:

2 cups of fresh spinach

14 oz of artichoke hearts

1/2 stick of butter

8 oz of cream cheese

16 oz of Italian cheese blend (you can use all or half, it’s up to you how cheesy you want I)

1/3 cup mayonnaise

1/2 cup of sour cream

1/3 cup of chicken broth

2 tbs of minced garlic

First chop the artichokes.

You all of this together in your crock pot and on low for about 45 minutes. About half-way through stir to make sure it is mixed well.


This will be a time and party saver, it was for me!

When you try this for your next party or just because it Sunday and your family is having Sunday Funday, you have got to tell me how that went over.

I love this crock pot. I will always rave about what it did for me for this night. I had so many requests from our guest for all the things they wanted to have that night. Because this is a 3 server, it took three items off of my hands.

The hardest part was remembering that they all weren’t going to cook for the same amount of time. But you can set separate timers if you like. This is so awesome.

Because of how I work, which is mid day, I put what I need in here for dinner one day and by the time my husband gets home he just puts them on warm.

I hope you enjoy this as I have. I think it is a great time saver. I didn’t to just give you my review of his without telling you how it helped me. Now, I hope I have helped you know how valuable this Crock pot is and gave you some knew ideas you can use it for.


Until next time…






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