easy instant pot bbq ribs
by Alexis Wright | 2:35 am


easy instant pot bbq ribsWith Memorial Day coming up, I felt it only right to share how I cook Baby back ribs in the Instant Pot. These are so easy. One of the best things about this is that its so quick. They are also extremely tender. If you want tender baby back ribs, cooking them in a pressure cooker is the way to go. These easy instant pot bbq ribs are to die for.

We have the Instant pot and it is the best thing ever. It makes the ribs so tender. Sometimes you don’t want to fire up the grill to make your ribs. This is understandable. If it’s too hot outside or you’re just tired and don’t want to be bothered. There are just days when you want the taste of amazing BBQ ribs but you don’t want to have to make them.

My Father could stand outside and cook these ribs. His ribs are awesome. But now that I have found a way to make ribs just as delicious, it’s almost hard to compete. I can’t wait to share this with him and I can’t wait to share this Instant pot baby back rib recipe with you.

What You’ll Need

1 cup of Balsamic Vinegar

1 Cup of water

1/3 cup of liquid smoke (because I love the smokey flavor)

your favorite rub.

2 slabs of Baby back ribs or Pork spare ribs

These are the Next Steps

Make sure to put your favorite rub on the ribs. Your ribs should be covered well with the rub. If you don’t have a favorite you can always try out a rub from Grill Masters. Now, you have a few options here. You can either put the rub on the night before or a few hours before. But DO NOT worry. If this is last minute it is still okay. It will still be delicious. Sometimes people make you think that it won’t be good if you don’t let it marinate, but that is not true. It can still be good if you cook it right away.

Once you are ready to cook the ribs, here is what I do. You want to cut each slab in half. You will put them on top of the insert for the Instant Pot. Lay them around the pot, standing up. Once they are in there good in the middle of the pot there should be a nice size whole. This is where you will pour your liquids into the pot.

Close the instant pot and make sure the lever is on seal.

On the Instant Pot push the Manual setting and set for either 25 minutes for baby back ribs or 35 minutes for those thick and yummy pork spare ribs. I cook the pork spare ribs longer because they have more meat.

After about 20 minutes, turn the oven on to broil so that it is ready for the ribs when they are done.

When the meat is done I let it release on it’s own for about 5 minutes. Then I set the lever to release.

Use tongs to pull out the ribs. They are going to be super tender. You may need help or at least a fork. I use my hubby at this point because the meat is literally falling off of the bone.

Lay the ribs onto a cookie sheet (or 2). You can either cut the ribs at this point or not. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It just depends on if I feel like cutting them at the time. I know, sometimes, I’m being lazy and sometimes I’m not. It happens.

You can now cover your ribs with your favorite BBQ sauce. As you can see I use Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce. I spruce it up sometimes with some brown sugar, mustard, cayenne, and honey. But sometimes, I use it as is. Again, it all depends.

Your ribs should be nice and coated. When they are, put them in the oven to broil.

So, here’s the thing, some people like to just put them in the broiler for 5 minutes. I really do not use a timer on this.

I DO NOT LEAVE THE KITCHEN, at this stage. stop

You must keep checking them. You want them to get to the color and coating you like. I like them to be darker than lighter. I don’t leave the kitchen because this step goes quickly, and I have a tendency to forget until I smell something burning. Then I’m like “Oh yeah, I was cooking!” Happens way more often then I want it to but I can only learn from my burned dishes.

Once the ribs have reached the color you like. Take them out, Cut them up, and serve.


Easy Side Dishes

I hate it when you find a meat dish and you’re like “OK, I found something that I like, now what to cook with it?” The worst feeling ever, Because if you can’t think of a side dish it will easily make you change your mind on the main dish. So I have a few ideas for you.

There is my delicious Crock Pot Mac n Cheese.

I make a delicious Broccoli recipe. I like to call it Balsamic Parmesan Broc.

I love a good cheesy potatoes recipe


Finger licking good right?

I hope this is as good to you as it is to me and my family. We looooove this recipe. I used to make it quite often. I took a little break. But I started again. I can’t wait to show them to you. But better yet I hope you try them. If you are having company for Memorial Day, you should definitely try this. You will wow everyone that tries this. They will wonder how you made this so easily and made the ribs so tender with no grill.

baby back ribs

I am telling you this will be a staple. So feel free to save it. Please, don’t forget to tell me if you tried it and if you did how yummy it was. I am almost positive you are going to love it. As always if you switch something up, tell me that. I am open to trying new things all the time. So I would love to hear how you spruce things up.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Until next time…

I mentioned Grill Masters Club, I love this place btw. You’ll be able to enjoy a different flavor every month. With these awesome and pretty quick ribs you’ll be in heaven. They have flavors from different places. Everyone comes to me for bbq time. Especially when its too cold to BBQ outside. Or is it ever? lol







Hi Lexi, this is coming from someone who lives in Scotland and the weather is never the best for having BBQs, you really have to go for it on spur of the moment so to be able to cook ribs like this without having the need for using the bbq is great. My husband loves bbq spare ribs and he would be in his glory being able to make these as and when he wants them.

Thanks very much for this great recipe Lexi and I will certainly look at more of what you have to offer.

Apr 21.2018 | 11:08 am


    Yes Cheryl. Thank you. These are so easy and when they are done you’ll see they still have that same grill taste and they are so tender. So delicious. I hope you get to try them. 

    Apr 21.2018 | 02:06 pm

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