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Some people do Taco Tuesday, Wing Wednesday, Fun Friday. But at my job, we have Potluck…..Every day. There is always a team or department doing a potluck. You know what I hate about potlucks? That list that goes around so you can write down what you’re bringing.

I tend to be one of those procrastinator type potluck attendees. I pretty much never know what I am bringing until the night before. And then if I don’t know by then, I am pretty much bringing a veggie platter. I need the cheap easy potluck dishes. There are so many things to think about when it comes to a potluck.

You want to make something everyone will like. Is there a theme? Oh great now I have to bring something in that theme. Oh how I hate potluck themes. If it wasn’t for Pinterest themes would be my potluck arch nemesis. lol

But today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite quick easy potluck dishes.

A Yummy Grape Jelly Meatballs Recipe

This has literally 3 ingredients. I said it 3. Now I am sure you have seen this recipe or have tried this. I love these. You can make these a couple of different ways. I find that cooking them in a regular pot is fastest. Which to me makes this an easy meatball recipe and one of the best potluck side dishes.

All you need is a bag of meatballs. I like dinner size and I get two backs because there are only about 30 in the bag. If you will have a lot more people partaking in the potluck then you can do the smaller size. I would still get two bags. The other recipes are grape jelly and chili sauce. So:

2 bags of meatballs

2 large containers of grape jelly

2 jars of chili sauce

This is almost dump recipe. You just put everything in the pot, stir, and cook for about 20 minutes on medium. If you do this in a crock pot then you will cook them on high for about 3 hours. See the difference? I know that some people like to be able to put their ingredients in the pot and walk away. So, if that is you then you can do the crock pot idea.

But if you are like me and most times are doing this just before work, then do it in the pot and then they should be ready by the time you are ready to go.

Crock pot Macaroni and Cheese

You can check out my recipe for that here. Let me tell you! This is a recipe you want to try. Your co-workers will beg you for the recipe.

easy Mac n cheese

If you make this I would recommend using a crock pot like the one above. Just because I think it’s best to leave it in the crock pot and this is a great one to travel with. This one is a cook and carry and holds 6 quarts. PERFECT!!

Turkey Roll ups or pinwheel sandwich recipe

There are so many roll up recipes but I had to make one my husband and kids would enjoy. So my husband and I love turkey sandwiches, so here is what I went with.

1 pack of flour tortillas

Family pack of mesquite turkey

2 boxes of fully cooked bacon

2 containers of strawberry cream cheese

and Spinach if you would like

Depending on when you will start making this you can leave the cream cheese out for a while, until you are ready to start. Or you can do like I do (procrastination style) and heat it up a bit. Just a couple of minutes so that the cheese softens. I like for it to be super spreadable.

Lay out the tortillas. If you have enough room you can do 2 or three at a time. You would just need to overlap the tortillas a bit. I’d suggest maybe two at a time. But to make this a little easier you can do one. It will be so much easier to roll up than two or three. This depends on you’re level of procrastination for the day.

So this is super simple, I will tell you the layers.


Cream cheese

if you are doing spinach that goes next




Done and done! Oh wait, just kidding! now slice. Then you’re done. Slice them however thick you would like them.

Check out my recipe for easy pulled pork sliders

easy pulled pork sandwich

The Costco container of pulled pork could probably fill 2 large packs of Hawaiian rolls. I think that would be enough. But if you want to make more than that then you can get 2 packs of the pulled pork and 4 packs of the Hawaiian rolls.

You will be the talk of the potluck

I am sure that I have so many more recipes. But I will leave you with my top 3 for now. There are so many yummy things you can make. These can almost fit with any theme or go with any potluck. Unless if it’s a breakfast potluck or donuts potluck. Oh you’re job doesn’t do those?

Yeah we do. We just make up stuff. Let’s do a candy potluck. I call that the “Pre” Dental appointment potluck. Because afterwards you will surely be calling you’re Dentist.

Potlucks can be fun. Especially when it’s with new people. They want to impress the team and they are going to most likely add new flavor to the potluck. So it’s awesome.

I used to hate potlucks. I am not a fan of eating food made by just anyone. So I prefer pizza potlucks or wings. Something that came from a restaurant. You just never know what different ingredients someone puts into spaghetti. For instance, One time someone brought in spaghetti that had pickles in it. I’m sorry why are there pickles in the spaghetti?

I won’t ever understand it. But ingredients aren’t the only thing that bother me. What about people that don’t wash their hands after touching meat? Or don’t wash their chicken? You can’t go from the raw chicken to the dinner rolls. You just can’t trust food from everyone. But if you make it yourself, you can trust that.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you try any please come back and tell me how you’re co-workers enjoyed it.

Until next time…







Hey, these are some great ideas! My only problem with potluck meals fir office parties is transporting them. I too hate potlucks mainly because my commute is by public transportation and I carry a laptop. But these are some meals I would easily try at home
Making clean up so easy. Thank you for these wonderful ideas!

Jun 09.2018 | 12:59 am

    Alexis Wright

    Omg yes. The clean up is important. I haaaate when I have a bunch of dishes to wash. I try to wash as I go. But it’s still annoying. Thank you for commenting. Let me know if you try any of these.

    Jun 09.2018 | 12:14 pm


I’m quite inexperienced in the kitchen so although I won’t be taking part in any pot lucks, I’ll still be trying out these recipes for myself! Thank you 🙂

Jun 09.2018 | 09:57 am

    Alexis Wright

    Awww. Thanks. I hope you do. I try to put easy things here. Because hey, I’m not experienced either. I just like to try new things. Sometimes it’s a win. Sometimes a tragedy. But it’s fun to try. I hope you do try these. Come back and let me know if you do. Thanks for commenting.

    Jun 09.2018 | 12:16 pm

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