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Here’s the thing it’s so not easy. Starting an online business is not just easy peezy in most cases. If starting a blog siteit seems super easy you might want to look a little more into it. You can do all the research you want. You can read a million blogs and then do what they all say. But still sometimes they just give you the information on how to start. What hosting to have, what platform to use. They leave you with just ideas. It is really hard to talk about starting a blog site in just one blog post.

You read it, you do what they say. Then what? You now have a domain, you have hosting, you have a platform, and you have chosen, out of all the best premium blog themes, the one that fits you the most. You stare at that blank page and wonder what’s next. Ask me how I know. I did it myself. I wrote a couple of posts. Then that was it.

No one told me about how to choose topics or how to gain traffic. No one told me about being ranked in google. Most blogs do NOT tell you what’s next. You have so thoughts about your first blog post ideas. So you begin to write it out. You are so proud of yourself, as you should be. But guess what, there’s no traffic. No one is reading it. Except the few people you were excited to share your new journey with.

There are so many people looking for the best work at home jobs!

Well, It’s OK! I am here to help. I think you’ll thank me later!


I came across a GEM!

I did. Really! I actually came across this gem years ago. I, probably like you, did some research but not too much. Which was a bad idea. I wish I had looked a little further. Who knows where I would be in my blogging career right now. I kept doing research, I kept looking for the right “thing!” I start a blog sitecouldn’t find anything that would really help. I knew I needed real help. Like a mentor. Someone or something that would show and teach me the steps to starting an online business. Someone or something that would teach me or show me the way.

I asked around. I asked my friends if they knew anyone. When I got no responses I thought “what kind of people do I have around me?” Just kidding. But I started to wonder, If there was anyone that I knew that wanted the same thing. I desire wholeheartedly to work from home, to be financial stable, to be able to pick up and go wherever and whenever I want.

I think a lot of us want that. We can surely HAVE that. Does it really take hard work like everyone says? Uh yeah! 100% You have to do the work. Can you pay a lot of money to have someone else do all the work? Well, Yes, I am sure there are ways to do that. The internet is a wonderful place. You can find someone to do anything you want them to, pretty much.

You’re dying to know!

I know. I know! I hate reading blogs and thinking “OMG get to the point!”

OK! I found a gem, I said that already, sorry. lol It’s called Wealthy Affiliate. Have you heard of it? If you have I am sure you have heard some good and possibly some bad. I can only tell you from the standpoint of someone who is actually using it that it’s wonderful.

Here’s what I love. They give you the tools you need. They SHOW you how to do things. It’s almost like being in school. Almost. It’s of course at your own pace. It’s like online classes for blogging, online classes for starting an online business, or online classes for affiliate marketing. You pretty much get it all. I’ll show you what you get.

How could you ask for more?



You can be an affiliate superhero.

There are people making no money and some making amazing money. There are people living the life you wish you were. Maybe you are already happy with everything but you want more. You want to get your story out there. But not just on the internet shared on FaceBook so your family and friends alone can read it, with hopes that they share it and it goes viral.

NO you want the world to know about your story. You want them to learn about all things you. The things you overcame or the great things you have done! You have things to teach, you have information to give. So! This is an awesome way to get started. The best thing about this is that you’ll learn the whole way through. You’re not just left out there to the wolves with bits and pieces of information.

I don’t think the “Wealth” in Wealthy Affiliate means just making money. I think it’s about the “wealth” of knowledge you get. THERE’S SO MUCH GREAT INFO. Omg. How can I say it to help you believe it. I can’t so here’s the truly amazing part about all of this.

You, yes you, can sign up for free. No! I’m serious. It’s free for the first 7 days. Why? I don’t know! Because they’re awesome. Because they want you to actually get a glimpse of what you will get when you sign up. Even in that first 7 days you will get 2, not one, but 2 websites that you will already have up and running.

All the while you will learn great, great things that you can use for the rest of your life. So, you basically can give it a shot and then see if you like it and then make your decision. I think you’ll love. If not for the info you will get but for the great community. There is a great helpful community that is, heck, better than your Facebook friends. OK, OK maybe to you that won’t be true. But regardless, they are awesome.

Your future is worth the try!

Believe me. I decided that I am going to do this. I am going to make this work for me. Because I want this for my life. I could sit and write posts and do research all day. I would love that life. So, I am going for it. I want that for you too. Which is why I am sharing my secret gem with you.

if you really want to give an affiliate online marketing business a shot, start here. It will be worth it. if you really are thinking about starting a blog or starting a blog for profit, start here. You won’t regret it. Like I said, if nothing else you will walk away with so much information that you can use now or later. But we all know that NOW is always the best time. Procrastinating with what caused me to start so late. Better late than never though.

If you try it feel free to look for me. I can answer anything and am more than willing to. Or you can come back here and comment. I am always willing to hear your thoughts. I am always willing to answer your questions. That’s what I am here for.

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Until next time…







It seems that blogging has EXPLODED in this day and age of the internet because everywhere you look online, someone is blogging about a specific topic.

But not everybody knows how to start a blog, and I certainly agree that starting a business on the internet isn’t an easy task because there are so many different components which you need to learn how to set up. And then it’s a case of applying lots of elbow grease and giving your business time to grow.

The sea of information out there also makes starting and building a business difficult, especially when there are so many different ways and lots of mixed opinions.

But it’s awesome that your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation gives folks a clear direction and provides all the resources for a successful blog.

Neil 🙂

Apr 21.2018 | 09:31 am


    Right. A lot of people just want there blog to be an overnight success. But it doesn’t work that way. You have to do some work like you said “elbow grease” is needed! If it wasn’t for WA I would have tried again and failed AGAIN. Because I didn’t know there was so much that went along with starting a blog or online business. Thank you for commenting Neil!  

    Apr 21.2018 | 02:10 pm

Wayne Rokmann

Yes blogging is a big deal and is a very important part of today’s websites. Still not many people think this way or no how to right one..So that is what i like about your site in that it shows how to create a good blog and the importance of one.
It is very important like you mention that a good blog is needed but not many know how to right a blog but your site puts them on the right path to become a good blogger.
Showing them how with Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best way to steer them in the right direction to create good blogs
Wealthy Affiliate just might be the best home based business to get into.
Just curious how are you doing with WA.
Good job on the site though.;)

Apr 21.2018 | 07:59 pm


    Thank you for commenting. I absolutely love WA. They have shown me the way pretty much. Mysavvymom may never have come to fruition if it wasn’t for WA. I am glad I took a chance. I am hoping that my readers really take heed and give it a shot. How can you lose if it’s free to try, right?  Thanks again for your comment.  

    Apr 21.2018 | 11:19 pm

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