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Food, food, more food, less food.

When you have always been a person who loves to eat, it is hard to become a person who has to love to eat…less! Did that make sense. Let me explain.chicken wings

I love chicken wings. Oh man I love them, like children love candy. I used to eat a whole 20 piece wings by myself. Oh wait, also in one sitting. Is that a good thing? No absolutely not but when you’re young who cares about the effects, right? I sometimes thought about the effects and the fact that I would get fat.

I remember sitting down to eat a meal and saying “why couldn’t I be blessed with a great metabolism? Because I am about to throw down!” lol. But that was just not me. So I gained and gained, until it was time to do something.

My Story

…here is that I ended up making the decision to have weight loss surgery. I love my decision until there are wings at the party. As you see, I love to cook. So when I replicate a great recipe or create my own masterpiece, I pout because I wish I could eat more of it.bariatric surgery

Just so you know a little more. I had the gastric sleeve surgery. This is where they take out about 90% of your stomach. My results have been fantastic. My weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery has been great. I will tell you about that another time. After gastric sleeve surgery you can only hold a certain amount of food in. So it basically forces you to eat less. So, whereas, before I could eat 20 wings, now I can eat 4.

You heard me right. I said 4. Story time.

I went with my husband to his a graduation for his niece. We were so hungry so we went to Wingstop. We got my favorite Lemon Pepper wings. My first bite into wing four I knew this was heaven filled meal was about to end. My stomach was speaking to me. But my mind was like “oh yeah we can do this!”

That is the struggle. The mind against the stomach. Needless to say, I got up and walked next door to the store to get some water so that my husband could eat the rest of the wings OUT of my presence. lol

Try, try again!

I tried so many diets. I tried diet pills. But you know what I had to realize (too late, might I add) it wasn’t necessarily the diet that failed, it was me! Listen you can try anything but if you don’t give it a real chance how can you say “it” failed. No, you did. I failed. I let myself down so many times.

lose weight nowGranted, there have been things I gave a real shot. But they just didn’t work “for ME!” There will always be things that work for other people that won’t work for you. Why is that? Who knows! That’s just the way of life.

With anything you try you have to make sure you are really ready. Start slow or go all in but maintain! That’s the key.

Better choices

You have to make better choices. After having sleeve surgery you don’t get the same amount of nutrients as someone else would eating a full plate of food. You have to start with your protein. Then you can eat your veggies. So what I did was implement a drink that would help me get my greens in. Simply because after my protein, I would be so full.

Free Shipping over $49 at Sunburst SuperFoods

I found this great option in Sunburst superfood. If you want to add something into your diet to give you better nutrients. Some people change the way they eat altogether.  You can change your eating to paleo options. There is a great cookbook out there that would be a great way to find things to cook. Of course there are recipes everywhere that you can review.

If you are just looking to add something into your diet to help get more nutrients. There’s so many options with Sunburst super food. You can go to the Sunburst super food store here. I love that they have different types of powders that can help you with so many different things.

For instance, they have cranberry powder, fermented brown rice powder, and even a flax seed powder. So many great options, that can help with so many different things.

To clarify I don’t use this to lose weight. I use it to give me minerals that I don’t get from eating. For instance, Since protein is one of the main things I have to have they have a few options in their protein section. Using a powder is a great option to get your protein in.  Sometimes protein drinks leave an unsatisfying taste in your mouth.

Have you ever tried regular coconut water? Yikes! I cannot tolerate that stuff plain. But mixed with something a good vanilla protein powder and some fruit it’s great..

So many choices, so many options. You just have to choose one and guess what, I’m going to say it again, MAINTAIN!

Free Shipping over $49 at Sunburst SuperFoods

To Diet or Just change your eating habits

Is the real question. Do you want to join some sort of diet program? That would be a great idea but you want to make sure if that is your choice that you “maintain” because if you don’t, what you lost can creep right back on you. Do you want to change your eating habits?

If you change your eating habits guess what happens? It becomes just that. A habit! This is normally something that can be maintained way easier. Because it will be second nature. I would say to add portion control and better choices is the best way to go.

I have heard great things about Paleo eating. I found a cook book that there have been people really raving about. You can take a look at that here. Changing the way you eat (in my opinion) is a great way to go when you are ready. Simply because the effects (good health and weight loss) will last longer.


Get healthy, stay healthy

That should be every ones motto. It’s important. I believe Sun burst super foods has helped me do just that. There are great super food powders and even snacks that will help you to put the “goods” in you when you can’t eat much. Or even if you can but you just need to put the better things in your system.

It’s a great way to go.

if you would like to try Sunburst super foods you can here. You can get 15% off site wide. So why not try it, right? You should give them a try. Come by and tell me how it went. I’m dying to know the positive changes their products make for you.

I just wanted to talk a little about me and what I have been doing. I know a lot of my recipes aren’t the healthiest, but I do get the “goods” in. Just in case you have a struggle in this area, I thought I would mention it so that you can see other things that can help.

Do you have a product that you use to supplement the vitamins you may be missing? I would love to know. Leave a comment. Have you tried paleo eating? Any great recipes you can share? I hope you enjoyed.

Until next time…








ThiS is very informative. Weight loss is a hard journey to embark on to me. This minute you are loosing weight next minute you are gaining extra pound. What I can suggest is Lipton tea without milk or a green tea with milk. Those are not slimming teas, they are just natural tea. One could take it with the meal in the morning served hot. The right meal though.

Apr 30.2018 | 09:18 pm


    yes John thank you. I love yes. I love mint tea. Hot or cold. Tea is great too. Losing weight is so hard the ups and downs can make you lose your mind. Thanks for stopping by. 

    May 01.2018 | 03:40 am


Thanks Alexis
A very helpful article.
I have tried every diet under the sun, with and without exercise.
When I learned that exercise alone was not enough to burn off the unwanted fat, I decided to really investigate “diets.”
You are so right, a change in lifestyle is what is needed.
I still do the gym 4 times a week but focus on stretching and making my body more flexible. This encourages me to want to move more.
I have stopped eating after 7 pm and only drink water after that time.
Now I need to figure out what to eat.
Replacing some meals with high protean drinks is, I think, a really good idea. The only partly successful diet I did involved meal replacement drinks.
Super Foods are not always available in the shops so getting them as a powder to make up a super food drink looks ideal to me.
I know you have had the operation so that limits you in what you can eat, so your super food drinks must be very healthy.
What sort of things do you mix?
BTW. I am also a chicken wing addict. A certain Colonel has a lot to answer for.

Apr 30.2018 | 09:26 pm


    Happy B. Yes that Colonel. I lean more toward the spinach eating guy. Love it. But yeah dieting is hard changing your eating habits can be harder. You learn a lot though. I found a new love for Brussels sprouts when I started changing my eating habits. As a kid I hated them but now with a little honey. Oh my they are so great. Thank you for commenting. I wish you the best with your changes. If you try the sunburst let me know. I would love to hear how it works for you. I like to add fruit into my drinks. I blend them sometimes with Pom juice, orange juice, almond milk, even water. It all depends. Until next time. 

    May 01.2018 | 03:39 am


Hi Lexi, thanks for sharing your story!

Makes a big difference when you are able to help others facing the same issues…we are not alone.
I do love chicken wings but stay as far from them as possible. I pretty much rely on smoothies with protein powders (Whey and Vanilla Pea Protein), fruits, veggies and nuts. “Sunburst Superfood” will be a great addition to my regimen. So glad you introduced this to us!


Apr 30.2018 | 09:33 pm


    No, thank you Edwin. Chicken wings are definitely my arch nemesis. but I stay on top with my Sunburst super food  drinks. So it all works out. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know how it works. 

    May 01.2018 | 03:31 am

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