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start your own online businessStarting a blog can be tough. There are so many questions. What do I write about? How do I start? What if nobody reads it? What if I don’t have anything to write about? So many questions. These questions however, are hindrances. They are things that will make you second guess your decision.

You want to but you don’t know where to start. Or you tried (like me) and failed the first time. I started a blog, had about 3 posts, thought it was getting nobody where and ended it. Why? Because I didn’t have the answers. I went in blindly. I didn’t know that there were so many things to do or even know about.

Affiliate links? what? Keywords, what? I just didn’t know. So I just wrote my thoughts and posted it to the internet. I remember getting a notification for a comment having been left on one of my posts. I jumped up and went to look at it and guess what? It was a spam comment. I was so disappointed. I couldn’t believe it.

Oh did I mention that the main thing in starting a blog is the amount of traffic going to your site? Well did I mention Social media plays a major part in getting said traffic? Nope, I didn’t know that then either.

But I learned all of these things and I am happy to say that even though not as successful as I would like this one to be it is surely on its way. That’s the best part.

I will share with you a couple of, what I think are some of the best tools for blogging, that will help you get started.

My number one… Wealthy Affiliate

I will tell you why. The Wealthy Affiliate program is awesome. As you build your site you learn the key tools you need. They walk you through step by step.

Now, I know there are probably YouTube videos you can watch on how to start a blog. But have you noticed that those videos give you JUST enough info to make you purchase their webinar or their 7 day program. Ugh! It’s so annoying. I find myself so frustrated.

You mean the title says 5 tools to help you start your blog, but now I just sat through 7 minutes of you telling my why it worked for you and then at the end of this 7 minutes you tell me to click the link in the description to get the tools. Come on! Just tell me what I need to know.

I don’t need you to send me an email once a day to give me just enough info to wait for tomorrows email.

Anyway. Wealthy Affiliate works. The best thing is they let you try it for 7 days. Guess what! in the first 7 days you will have already started your first site. Can you believe that? It’s like hands on training. You learn as you go. And you could learn as you earn.

Try it! I promise you will learn so much. You will love the program and you will absolutely love the community.

Click here to try your Free trial.

WP Forms


There are a few things when you have your blog going that you will want to add on. WP Forms has so many options in one place for you. You may want to add a mail subscription to your blog. This way the people who come to your blog can be notified when you put up a new one. Which is great because you know they will come back to review it.

Maybe you will have a site that will need for people to fill out information for you for future things. This plug in will actually help you do that without having to know any coding. Definitely a plus, because coding can be tough and if you don’t know the right people it can get kind of expensive to pay someone else to do it for you.

We don’t want that! Right?

This can help you with payments. It has SEO tools included. I love that it has mail chimp included. Mail Chimp helps you with setting up your email subscriptions. You can visit the site here. This way you can see all the other awesome features that are offered. It is a great tool to have.


One of the main things you will be doing becoming a blogger will be posting on social media. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are important parts of getting viewers. If you are also working, or work from home, or have children you know that you are already fitting in time to post your ideas to your blog. Sometimes in doing that it can be hard to get your social media time in.
The greatest thing I found in Tailwind is simplicity. It made my social media aspect of my blog business so simple and so much easier. With Tailwind, it’s all scheduled. It will post your pins and tweets for you. You won’t have to remember to do it yourself. I love this. I used to forget to post. It’s something that should be done daily or on a regular basis. Having so many other things going on can make that difficult.

This is a great tool. You can definitely view it here. It will be a great tool for you.

WP tasty

Oh this one is awesome. If you want to have a food or recipe blog this will help you in many ways. It will help you with the layout of your recipes. This is a plug in for your recipes but it can also help you with Pinterest. So it helps with pinning your posts with great SEO optimization.

This is a must have it you have a food blog. It so great. You can definitely check it out here.

These are so great

I think that these are great places to get started. Especially Wealthy Affiliate. If you are going to start anywhere that would be the place. You will get your site up and running and then you can use the other tools.

I do hope this has been helpful. They have helped me greatly. If you have any other ideas or can share your success with using any of these tools feel free to comment below.

I look forward to seeing your comments on these.

Until next time…






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