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I know some won’t agree with this, and that’s okay. Everyone has their own opinions, their own favorites, and their own “greatest” Mexican food of all time. But This place that I am going to tell you about is thee greatest of all times. They bring you the best. They bring you the things you wish someone would do to a burrito.

Someone had to come up with a great idea. I won’t say they were the first to make actually serve these yummy yum yums. But I will say they do a great job in making it delicious. I try something new as often as I can. So I will tell you my story with this place from the beginning.

Okay, you have waited long enough. My favorite and number one place to call the Must try of San Diego, is Sayulitas Mexican food. Dun Dun Dun! The Best ever.

I moved to Escondido about 6 years ago and all we wanted was some good Mexican food. There are a few places around us but no way did they meet the standards of the places in San Diego. So every once in a while I had to drive all the way to San Diego to our other favorite location just to get some good food.

Then maybe a little over a year ago, maybe even 2 years ago I started seeing videos of these Hot Cheetos burritos being made by Sayulitas in Mira Mesa, CA. But never felt like trying to find the place. So this burrito is basically a Carne Asada burrito with hot Cheetos inside. To die for, I tell you. To Die For!

So many options

That Hot Cheetos burrito is what caught my eye. But then I saw a video of a Quesadilla burrito. Let me tell you about this monster. It’s also basically a carne asada burrito buuuut it is wrapped in a quesadilla with lumpia inside. Yep! I said it lumpia.

An authentic Carne asada burrito comes with carne asada meat, which is a well marinated steak cut in strips. Usually cut into strips. Then you have your shredded cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Pico de gallo is a blend of diced tomato, onions, and cilantro.

When I make pico de gallo, I dice up tomato and onion. I cut the cilantro a bit. I then squeeze lemon juice into the mix as well. Sprinkle salt and pepper and stir. There may be more that is done but that’s how I like to make mine.

So many flavors

Sayulitas uses other meats that you don’t normally see in a dish at a Taco shop in San Diego. Like Longanisa which is marinated pork. Its similar to chorizo but, in my opinion, so much tastier. What Sayulitas uses also has a sweet taste to it. Which brings me to my Husbands favorite burrito.

His favorite, and used to be my favorite until recently, is the Bolt burrito. This again is a carne asada burrito, but with longanisa, fries and chipotle sauce. They also have Bolt fries. This is the same as the burrito just on top of a bed of french fries. So tasty.

They also use Tocino. Which, in Spanish is bacon. This bacon is more pork belly. Now that I have mentioned tocino, I can now introduce you to my new-found favorite. Which is, the Pacman burrito. This burrito is so good. They of course start with a base of a carne asada burrito. This burrito has tocino and chipotle sauce also but no french fries.

However, don’t be disappointed by the lack of fries in this burrito. Oh no! because they have Pacman fries, as well. Woo hoo!

Traditional options

Now yes! They have the traditional options. Like the greats. The authentic carne asada burrito. They have shrimp burritos, beef burritos, tacos, tortas. They do have all the greats. But if you want to venture out they have fun options too.

I know some people like to stick to what they know. They have all your favorites. They just seem to make other awesome additions to the greats to make them better. But if you are into just a regular Carne Asada burrito, Quesadilla, taco, or torta. Or if chicken dishes or shrimp dishes are your thing then they have it.


They have 2 locations so far. The first was on Mira Mesa Blvd. They now have a second location in Escondido.

The San Diego location is at 8155 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA. 92126

The Escondido location is at 331 S Escondido blvd, Escondido, CA. 92026

Both of these locations are great. I went to the one in San Diego one day before work and at in the parking lot. I know fatness right? But it was so good. That was the first time I got to try the Hot Cheetos Burrito. It was, to say the least, delightful.

Mexican food in general

I just love Mexican food. It’s a thing for me. The flavors used in Mexican food just do something to me. I love love love it. I would say it’s at least top three. Jamaican food first, then Italian, then Mexican. Italian and Mexican may in fact be tied. I love them both the same.

I moved from California to Georgia for about 5 years. All I could think about was Mexican food. I remember coming to visit my family in California. The first thing I had to do was go to the Taco shop. It is really a thing guys. If you ever come to California you have to find one.

I don’t mean go to some fancy restaurant and have Mexican cuisine. I mean go to a taco shop that is on the corner and try. One of their menu items. It will be some down home Mexican goodness that you won’t believe. Read the reviews first of course. Or just try Sayulitas. I promise you can’t go wrong with this place.

Tell whomever you visit here that they have to take you here. You will not regret it.

If you have another favorite I will try it for sure. Just let me know where it is and I will tell you my thoughts. But if you try Sayulitas, oh man, please come back and leave a comment and tell me what your thoughts were. I’m not worried though, I know you’re going to love this place.


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