by Alexis Wright | 5:19 pm

2 Writing Ideas, to help you with Making Money online from home.

I know. I do talk a lot about starting your blog. I think that having a blog is a great business idea. I think that we share our ideas with our friends and family

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by Alexis Wright | 8:25 pm

A Couple easy Vegetarian Side Dishes

I am so excited to add to my site some vegetarian dishes. See, I grew up with my Father and StepMom. Mom number 2. We throughout our lives their vegetarian journey has changed in

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by Alexis Wright | 4:55 pm

How to make the Best Baked Ziti Recipe, and easy too!

If you are like me then you absolutely love pasta. Well I guess we are all alike then, huh? Not too many people hate pasta. I like the classics too. Like classic baked ziti

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by Alexis Wright | 4:30 am

Best San Diego Mexican Food

I know some won’t agree with this, and that’s okay. Everyone has their own opinions, their own favorites, and their own “greatest” Mexican food of all time. But This place that I am going

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by Alexis Wright | 4:51 pm

Some Easy make ahead potluck dishes

Some people do Taco Tuesday, Wing Wednesday, Fun Friday. But at my job, we have Potluck…..Every day. There is always a team or department doing a potluck. You know what I hate about potlucks?

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by Alexis Wright | 4:54 pm

Here is the best way to start your blog, 3 tools included!

Starting a blog can be tough. There are so many questions. What do I write about? How do I start? What if nobody reads it? What if I don’t have anything to write about?

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by Alexis Wright | 3:43 am

Here’s the Best Spaghetti Dinner Recipe Ever

I love spaghetti. It is one of my favorite meals when it’s cold outside. Oh man, a nice bowl of spaghetti will always warm you up. Now when it comes to having the best

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by Alexis Wright | 11:51 pm

I Came Across the Best Ever Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

So, I don’t know if you are on Facebook. But if you are, I am quite sure that you have seen the wonderful, mouth watering videos from Tasty. I think that I have tried

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by Alexis Wright | 5:21 pm

“I need healthy options!” Here’s a few!

Food, food, more food, less food. When you have always been a person who loves to eat, it is hard to become a person who has to love to eat…less! Did that make sense.

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by Alexis Wright | 4:47 pm

What to eat at the San Diego County Fair!

It’s almost that time again! Did you hear me “IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME AGAINNNNN!” Can you tell I am so excited? This is my favorite time of year. If you haven’t been to a

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